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  • Kendra Patocki


  • Saginaw County, MI


I am 34 years young, born in Livingston County, MI where I also graduated High School. Throughout my ongoing career as a student, I have received many honors for scholastic achievements including Academic Scholarships, and the Dean's List in college.I have 12 years experience as an Account Manager in an industrial field, as well as 6 years as a Residential Teaching Assistant and Office/Logistics Manager in the health care industry. I am currently a Sophomore at Central Michigan University, pursuing a Bachelor's in Community Development. With my career already inching toward the 20 year mark, I am proud to say my skills are extremely polished. I have a talent to shine in any environment, and am forever hungry to learn and achieve more.

Technical Skills

Profficient in Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook and One Note.

I have extensive experience with multiple online and private purchasing systems. I have worked for 11+ years with an AS400-based system, and with clients using a wide range of systems including: MITN (Michigan Inter-governmental Trade Network); U.S. Communities; Michigan Contract Connect; MiDeal; Bid4Michigan; CPARS (Ford Motor Company); Maximo; VPR (Faurecia); Webquote, and many more.

Every aspect of my career has involved client relationships. In 2004, I was introduced to various systems which catalog and report on those relationships based on my input. Customer Relationship Management software can be a useful way of communicating information and reporting throughout different levels of an organization. I am most familiar with Siebel, and Salesnet, however I am confident I could quickly learn other systems.

My inner drive to help people has paved the way for a variety of social/service-related strengths. I am excellent at prioritizing and expediting in order to take care of the paperwork end of things, so that the client's needs can come first. I am a great listener, and pride myself on being able to read people using verbal and non-verbal cues. In every business I have worked in, people struggle to communicate, I use these skills to help reach the common goal.
I also maintain a Chauffer license, and take responsibility for my actions on the road. In my own personal and social life, I conduct myself with the same level of proper judgement.

Education & Training

Washtenaw Community College


Business Management and Administration with the option in Psychology. Average GPA-3.53 Deans List Fall, Winter & Spring 1999-2000 - Original transcripts available.

Professional Development & Associations

-Current Member of the Association for Psychological Science Member ID: 101168
-Ongoing development through personally initiated resources and seminars
-Continuously adding computer skills, quick study on new systems
-Extensive personal, professional, and health & safety training, certificates available
-Five years of personal development in internet research
-I can put together a basic website (like this one).


  • CMU 2013-2015

    -Currently enrolled in the Bachelor of Science program with an option in Community Development

    -Enrolled in a combination of online and campus work to maintain career flexibility

    -Active member of the Association for Psychological Science Student Caucus (APSSC)

  • Hertz Equipment Rental 2001-2013

    -Senior Account Manager selling heavy equipment to automotive Buyers/facilities across the state. Average Revenue: $2.8 Mil/yr

    -Worked with multiple Government/Municipal infrastructures, including Wayne County, Metro Airport and the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA)

    -Integral to the development of the U.S. Communities initiative for our state

    -Worked cohesively with an organized shop (Local 324) throughout Michigan, as well as other Unions in different parts of the country (ie: Pennsylvania, Illinois)

    -Coordinated with a professional sales and support staff in Michigan and 356 other locations across the country

    -On-site, safety, speculation, purchasing, or collections issues as needed (chiefly Government & Big 3/Tier 1 suppliers)

    -Maintained use of Company vehicle, laptop, and cell phone for 9 years

    -Worked 80% Independently while maintaining reporting processes through Customer Relationship Management software (Siebel), and proprietary systems

  • S&R Equipment 2000-2001

    -Executive Assistant and Sales Coordinator managing statewide sales & rentals for a family-owned equipment company

    -Arranged conferences in/out-of-house, as well as travel and other meetings for upper-level management

    -Establish credit lines for new and potential customers

    -Worked with AP/AR to maintain receivables

    -Worked with sales force to administer quotes and invoicing, and to follow up on leads

    -Oversee and assist with other office tasks as necessary

  • Willowbrook 2000-2004

    -Part of a Residential Staff providing psychosocial support and other social services to adult survivors of Traumatic Brain Injury in residential facilities throughout Livingston County

    -Implemented individual care plans of 15-20 clients with Traumatic Brain Injury in an AFC apartment facility, including medication administration, regular vital sign checks and other behavioral and emergency situations

    -Maintain Chauffeur License, First Aid/CPR Certification and ongoing professional development through the Brain Injury Association of Michigan as well as the Michigan Assisted Living Association

    -Developed and implemented healthy living lifestyle guidelines for clients with impaired functional skills

    -Worked closely with a professional staff of Occupational, and Physical therapists, as well as Social Workers with regard to individual care plans

  • MTS Inc. 1998-2000

    -Driver for non-emergency medical transportation occurring statewide (ambulatory/non-ambulatory)

    -Created and dispatched daily driver and maintenance schedules for a fleet of 12-15 cars and wheelchair vans

    -Maintain Chauffeur License, First Aid/CPR Certification and ongoing training regarding Traumatic Brain Injuries.

    -Developed and Implemented new policies and incentive programs as Office/Fleet Manager during a period of rapid expansion.

    -Maintained relationships with case workers and private agencies to facilitate smooth experiences for all involved parties